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@media screen and (max-width: 1280px) {
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.store-recommend li .imgbox img {max-width:140px; max-height:140px;}
.store-recommend li a .name {color: #3954BA; font-size: 12px;}
.store-recommend li .price {font-size: 14px;}

.one-policy-box .one-hd h2{font-size: 18px;}
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.relative-box .one-image .img-box img {max-width:1000px; }

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.store-text-box { margin-left: 0; margin-top: 120px; }
.store-att .att-name {width: 140px; padding:7px 8px 6px;}

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.b-imgbox {width: 450px; height: 450px; line-height:448px;}
.b-imgbox img {max-width: 450px; max-height: 450px; }
.store-text-box { margin-left: 472px;}

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.store-recommend li { width:154px;}
.store-recommend li a { margin: 0 zero zero 42px; }
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  • ★ DOG CRATE DIMENSION: approx. 37 x 23 x 35″ (LxWxH), SQUARE TUBE: approx.0.6 x zero.6″, Wheel Diameter: 2″.
  • ★ BAR SPACE (FLOOR GRATE): approx. 0.6″, BAR SPACING (ON THE DOOR): approx. 1.5″.
  • ★ EASY TO CLEAN: Floor grate keeps your pet clean and dry; A strong pull-out tray makes the cleaning a breeze.
  • ★ EASY TO USE: Designed with a metal bolt to lock the door.
  • ★ EASY TO SET UP: Can be constructed by two people in a couple of minutes
  • Packing List:

    dog crate cage features a pull-out tray and a floor grate. With this
    design, it is easier to keep your pet dog clean and do cleaning job.
    Heavy duty crate is made from metal with protective coating, so it is
    not easy to rust, corrode or retain pet odors. It is convenient to move
    with four wheels, 2 of which are lockable to prevent accidental movement.


    Heavy duty design and its suggested load capacity is about a hundred and ten lbs

    Constructed of metal square tube as frame and metal wire w/ nontoxic finished surface

    Protective coating makes it not easy to rust or corrode

    4 Wheels (2 lockable wheels) provide more convenience to move the cage


    Material: Iron w/ Protective Coating

    Overall Dimension: approx.  37.4 x 22.8 x 35.4" (LxWxH)

    Bar Spacing (on the Door): approx. 1.5"

    Bar Space (Floor Grate): approx. 0.6"

    Wire Diameter:  0.15"; 0.1"   

    Square Tube: 0.6 x zero.6"  

    Wheel Diameter: 2"

    G.W.: 46.3 Lb

    Packing list:

    1 x Dog Cage

    Buy it now!

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    • We accept Paypal payment only.

    • Payment should be completed within four (Four) days of auction closing. Or unpaid dispute will be filed for closing auction.

    • We
      appreciate a good feedback as a whole lot as you do. If for some reason
      there is any issue with the purchase, please contact us prior to leaving
      feedback, and we will be glad to work with you to have it resolved.

    • Shipping by USPS or UPS, Package handling only takes 1 business day
      at our warehouse, so please make sure entering correct payment and
      shipping information before checking out. Once your payment is
      completed, pls inform us by phone or leave ebay note if the changes are
      needed before we send the product.

    • If an address change
      is needed, you will be responsible for any fees associated in the
      condition that you contact us after we ship your item.

    • Orders placed on weekend will be shipped within 2 days.
      USPS: 2-9 business days. | UPS: 1-6 business days.

    Terms of sales
    • All of our items come with a 30-day return policy. We ensure all
      our items are new and in excellent condition prior to shipping. In the
      event that you receive the item that is not to the standards above,
      please contact us via e-Bay messages. All returns must be in new
      original condition as received and should be shipped with delivery

    • Please note that all returns must be
      pre-approved by Universalwant. Unauthorized returns will not be
      accepted. If you need to return, please check twice to confirm the item
      not work and contact our customer service representative, let us know
      the detailed problem and send us some pictures for confirmation.

    • All
      NON-seller mistake returns for refund are subject to 20% re-stocking
      fee and buyer should pay for the round-trip shipping fee. (E.g. you
      bought wrong model or wrong color).
      We ONLY accept the return for
      original package. Please make sure that item has NO man-made sabotage.
      Used items will not be accepted for return.

    • We reserve the right to refuse any returns for objective reasons.


    1. If you are satisfied with the product you received, please leave us
    positive feedback and 5 star comment, which will be highly appreciated.
    If there is any problem about your order, please contact seller prior
    to leaving feedback, and we will be glad to work with you to have it
    3.If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please do not
    be quick to leave negative or neutral feedback. We’ll try our best to
    resolve any problem for you to make EACH CUSTOMER a hundred% SATISFIED and
    always leave positive feedback to all our customers.

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    You can contact us directly by clicking on "Ask a Question" at bottom of this item page,

    we will answer within 24 hours(except Holiday).

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